The S.I.C.EF. s.r.l., has been operating since 1977 at a regional level, mainly in the construction industry, as well as in specialized fields including restorations, roads, environmental protection, drainage, ecology and consolidations.
The economic and organizational dimensions allow the company to cope with the demands of the market and to supervise them in all their stages.
The S.I.C.EF. s.r.l. is one of the few Italian companies that has preserved its original owner structure and one of his main purposes has always been professionalism, punctuality and efficiency in meeting the agreed commitments, in reaching the customer's satisfaction both in quality and in respect for workers' rights and environmental rights. In the following pages, in order to witness these words,  some of the most revealing and challenging works realized by S.I.C.E.F. in recent years have been collected.

Corporate staff

The organic consists of about 39 operating units, with a technical unit that consists of 1 architect, 2 Engineers and 6 Surveyors.

Activity fields

S.I.C.EF. is involved in civil and industrial design. With a staff of architects and engineers, this Company is active in different areas: civil and industrial construction, restorations, infrastructures, and so on.

Thanks to an excellent staff, which is continuously trained on the development of new technologies, S.I.C.E.F. is a cutting edge Company among those that are involved in the implementation of major procurements.

Conservative restoration of monuments and valuable buildings is one of the main activities of this Company. The experience gained throughout the years allowed S.I.C.E.F. to become one of the leaders in the consolidation, restoration, recovery, and enhancement of cultural heritage industry.

Design, building and maintenance, as well as verifications, monitoring and instumental measurements on plants.

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